A promise, a pledge, a commitment between comrades.

Someone who will always look out for you.

HorseFlicksTV is extremely proud to announce our newest TV Series, bringing viewers the most compelling and fascinating stories of how horses are helping our soldiers and veterans cope with physical and emotional challenges as a result of their service to our country.

As of March 2015, 8,285 soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, to protect the freedoms we enjoy; and 52,292 men and men and women have returned with serious physical and psychological wounds that they will likely carry for the rest of their lives. men and women have returned with serious physical and psychological wounds that they will likely carry for the rest of their lives.

A special sanctioned program was developed to help our men and women soldiers cope with, and recover from, their wounds through therapeutic programs with horses. While they survived their service to our country, these soldiers now face a long climb back with the disabilities they incurred while in the service of our country. It is all too easy for them to fall into a crack in society and be forgotten.

Sadly, 22 soldiers take their own lives… every day. We have to do something about it.

The most important thing we can do, is to create awareness and interest in these programs, so that our soldiers and Veterans in need will be able to get the help and assistance they need through equine assisted therapy.

Our 13 Episode TV series will focus on our soldiers contributions to our country, so their plight is not overlooked or forgotten; and on the special role their horse…their Wingman, has in helping each soldier overcome their disabilities, and cope with their lives that have been shattered by war and personal sacrifice for our freedoms. For many soldiers injured in the conflict, their scars are emotional as well as physical- but horses have been there to help them create as much normalcy and rehabilitation as their lives will allow.

We wish to focus this TV series on the healing power of horses, and their contribution to the brave men and women who served, and continue to serve our country, and who have paid an incredible price for their service.

We have secured a 3-year broadcast commitment from HRTV-The Horse Sports Channel to air the 13 episodes an incredible 234 times, over 36 months.

WHAT WE NEED TO COMPLETE THE MISSION – All that remains, now that we have a broadcast commitment, is your help in getting it produced. The Principals in producing this series are donating a huge amount of their talent, resources and time, but we still have the hard expenses of traveling and capturing the amazing soldiers stories of hope and healing.

We are planning to film at 13 facilities around the country, and in the process we have the hard expenses of airfares, car rentals, hotels, meals, fuel, shipping costs, hardware, storage drives, etc., for a team of 2 people.We estimate it will take three months to meet with, and film the 13 centers.

We estimate the hard out of pocket expenses to produce the series will amount to $85,000.00 If we can raise this amount, we can without question, produce this series for broadcast on HRTV.

If we raise MORE than this amount, we will produce ADDITIONAL episodes at additional PATH International Certified Centers to increase additional awareness of these services for our soldiers.

WHY WE ARE DOING THIS – At the end of the pilot episode, Nancy Kreneck, Director of Therapy & Research at the Ride On Center for Kids (ROCK) was asked how they would measure success with their military program.Her response was both profound and insightful. Nancy said…“If we could just help one soldier not live under a bridge, just one…then we will have been successful.” We feel much the same way…if our TV series broadcast nationally for three years on stories of hope and courage reaches just one soldier or Veteran, or their family, and gets them the help they need, or we keep one soldier from taking their own life, and start to rebuild their life with the help of their horse, their Wingman…we will have been successful.

We invite your participation in this project, we encourage your financial support. Our Soldiers and Veterans deserve no less, and with your support we can save and rebuild lives of those who defended our country and our freedoms.

HOW YOU CAN HELP – Please support this project in any way you can. The sooner we achieve our goal, the sooner we can start helping our soldiers and create new awareness of these programs available. Our soldiers deserve no less.

We know the horse community knows the healing power of horses, and we know how horse people rally together when there is great need.Our Soldiers and Veterans gave their all for our country, we can now show our gratitude and vow to not let them slip through the cracks.

Won’t you become a Wingman for them too?




R.O.C.K. – Georgetown, Texas


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Wall of Honor

In our search for stories of Courage and Hope by our soldiers, veterans and their Wingmen, we met many people who shared their stories with us, more than we could actually use in each episode. The Wall of Honor is to recognize all the Soldiers and Veterans who made this TV Series possible, whether they actually appeared in one of the TV episodes or not.

Our profound and heartfelt Thanks to all the incredible people we met who served their country with Honor and Duty.
R.O.C.K. (Ride On Center for Kids) in Georgetown, TX
JB & Wingman "Scooter"

JB & Wingman “Scooter”

Erik & Wingman "Skipper"

Erik & Wingman “Skipper”

Laura & Wingman "Cash"

Laura & Wingman “Cash”


Support our Cause

Our mission is to help our soldiers and veterans recover and rebuild their lives after their service to our country, through equine assisted therapies. Please support our efforts to allow our veterans who have bravely served our country to tell their stories by donating to the CrowdRise fund below.

Miracles can happen when you support our troops.

Won’t you become a Wingman for them too?